It’s the little things!

Right. Okay. Before we begin. Let’s start with everything ever.
Like the whole entire universe. The cosmos and all it comes with. In fact, no. Wait. Let’s encompass the whole damn multiverse, even. Just to be sure.

The big, large, gargantuan collection of all things that have ever been.
So there we have it: the exact opposite of a Little Thing.

Except, actually, it’s not. What you have here just so happens to be every Little Thing, all crammed together.
Small fragments, tiny pieces, all stitched into the entire fabric of the universe.

A lot of people out there — hell, all of us at some point — have been so focused on the bigger picture, so intent on reaching some kind of destination that it takes over us completely.
A goal. A dream.

Something that we have been aiming for ever since our hearts were handed our first bow and arrow and told to choose a target. Which is great. It’s brilliant to want something so wholeheartedly that it makes the air taste a little sweeter because suddenly, it’s infused with hope. With determination and giddiness. It becomes your life’s mission.

And yet, everything big is a collection of all things little.

Which is why we need to grab the Sky remote that has been wedged down the side of the sofa, and press pause for a moment. Allow ourselves time to notice them. To appreciate them. To live them and love them and become them.

Being aware of the little pockets of happiness that are dotted all throughout your day. Like savoring the taste of your favorite hot-chocolate. And having your dog snuggle up against you.

Because happiness itself is not just one big, overwhelming thing. It’s bits and bobs of the things you love, the people you love, your favorite foods and books and cities.
It’s the new season of your favorite show starting.

It’s grabbing a bite on the way home from a long day.
It’s your hair falling in waves across your shoulders after plaiting it overnight and it’s your old school friend being in town for the weekend.

It’s the little wins, like rewarding yourself for finally managing to fit in that morning run. Woohoo! Sounds horrendous to me, but well done you!

Give yourself as many of those little victories as you can. The little moments that evoke the large emotions, that leave the lasting and large marks on the universe.
If you let yourself live in the moment — which is actually all we have anyway — then you’ll see.

If you’re mindful, you will see that the Little Things are everywhere.
You’ll see them in things that once appeared daunting. Things that seemed too much, too sudden, too overwhelming, like big tasks that whir around in your head, too fast for you to get a hold of. But everything big can be divided into it’s littles. If you think about it, the Little Things are, in fact, every thing, really. You just need to let yourself see them. Embrace them. And live everything little thing that you can.
In the end, in the grand scheme of the grand universe, our lives are only little things themselves. Teeny, tiny and tremendous. But just because they’re small, just because they’re a story wedged into a corner of a phenomenally-large library, surrounded by infinite others, that doesn’t mean they’re not important.

In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Our lives are the ultimate Little Thing. Delicate. Brilliant. Abundant. And part of a weird and wonderful whole.

After all.
You can’t make the universe, without “U”.

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